Product Guarantees

Product GuaranteesAcme Menu Covers presents a full line of restaurant menu covers, menu jackets with clear pockets and table top menu holders for all types of restaurant operations, including family style service, theme restaurants up to linen table cloth dining rooms.

We hope the appearance of our products speak for themselves. We encourage you to request samples to examine the texture, color and general appearance of our menu covers.

But what’s equally important and what you can’t tell just by looking, is how well our products are made.

That’s why we guarantee how long they’ll stand up to the normal wear and tear of daily use in your restaurant. We can do this because we control the raw material that’s used and we control the workmanship that’s put into each menu cover we sell.

Here’s how it works. On each product page of our web site we show our estimate of the life of that product before it will start to show signs of wear. Because the actual life of these covers will depend on how well your staff treats them, we can’t actually predict the future . . . BUT If, for whatever reason other than purposeful abuse, our menu covers don’t hold up to our prediction, you receive a pro-rated credit towards their replacement.

For example: if we say your menu cover should last two years and they start to show signs of wear after one year, we replace them for half price, or if they last for eighteen months instead of two years, we replace them for three quarters of the price.

How’s that for standing behind our product?