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Oakmont Style Menu Covers

A standard line of menu covers for fine dining restaurants.

Harley Style Menu Covers

These durable menu covers are made from a special anti-bacterial and anti-microbial material with a plush, soft feel.

Cafe Style Collection Menu Covers

With clear, vinyl panels and a double stitched binding, these menu covers are an extremely popular option while maintaining a low price point.

Tuxedo Leather Menu Covers

Fine Quality Tuxedo Leather Menu Covers are a great way to get the look and feel of leather, without the cost of genuine cowhide.

Tamarac Style Menu Covers

A nice, attractive menu cover with a smooth, soft exterior with a leather-like feel.

Seville Style Menu Covers

Rugged, durable solid front menu covers with sewn binding and clear, inside panels.

Chesterfield Style Menu Covers

Our Chesterfield Style Menu Covers are made from a textured material, similar to ostrich, with a soft, leather-like feel.

Cork Menu Covers

Timeless and elegant, our Cork Menu Covers are a great choice.


3 Sided A-Frame Table Tents

3 Sided A-Frame Table Tents

Our 3 Sided A-Frame Table Tent will help promote even more drinks, specials, desserts, or whatever else you are looking to sell, right at the table.

Show Off Menu Holders

Show Off Menu Holders

Looking for a way to display up to 20 promotional items on different cards, but display them all at the table at once? The Show Off Menu Holder is here!!

We offer menu covers to complement your restaurant’s atmosphere and to showcase the quality and care that you’ve put into your menu presentation.

Our success in creating menu and wine list covers for up-scale restaurants and dining rooms for over thirty years has been based on two criteria: That the appearance and quality of our workmanship will be equal or surpass the expectations of your guests. That the quality of the raw materials we use will add years of life to your menu covers, reducing your menu costs, probably below what you’re paying now. To back up this claim we list an anticipated life expectancy for each of our menu cover products with a pro-rated, money-back guarantee as explained on our “Product Guarantee” page.

Acme Menu Covers presents a full line of restaurant menu covers, menu jackets with clear pockets, printed paper menus and table top menu holders for all types of restaurant operations, including family style service, theme restaurants up to linen table cloth dining rooms.

We hope the appearance of our products speak for themselves. We encourage you to request samples to examine the texture, color and general appearance of our menu covers.

But what’s equally important and what you can’t tell by examination is how well our products are made. That’s why
we guarantee how long they’ll stand up to the normal wear and tear of daily use in your restaurant. We can do this because we control the raw material that’s used and we control the workmanship that’s put into each menu cover we sell.

Here’s how it works. On each product page of our web site we list the life of that product before it will start to show
signs of wear. If, for whatever reason other than purposeful abuse, our menu covers don’t hold up, you receive a pro-rated credit towards their replacement. For example: if we say the menu cover should last two years and they start to show signs of wear after one year, we replace them for half price, or if they last for eighteen months we replace them for three quarters of the price.

How’s that for standing behind our product?

On the following pages you’ll find menu covers for foodservice operations ranging from family style dining, through theme restaurants to linen tablecloth dining rooms. If you have any questions, or would like to see a sample, please give us a call.

We can add your name, logo or a picture of your restaurant to these covers by foil stamping, silk screen printing, three dimensional laser engraving or full color lithography.

We offer:

Sewn edge, café style menu covers, with clear menu panels, in styles ranging from back to back, two view, up to twelve and fourteen view covers, all with or without extra flaps for “specials”.

Dining Room Menu Covers, with diagonal corners on the inside, made from traditional, leather embossed, bookcloth material, typically used in the dining rooms of most up-scale country clubs.

To see a wider variety of restaurant menu covers and accessories, visit our main site, The Menu Shoppe.

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